Use Some Cartoons for Your Audience!


Have you used some cartoons on your presentation? There is a lot in making a successful public speech. The fact is cartoon drawings can be of great help in the communication with the audience. And a professional public knows that cartoon and humor have a great effect and brings out a point like nothing else. It is important to have a number of jokes up their sleeve, as well as cartoon images for presentation. They will give a good impact on your audience.

Cartoon Avatar for Your Profile Image

cartoon face
cartoon face
Cartoon face avatars are very popular on the internet. There are many reasons for people to use an avatar anywhere they like. The fact, cartoons are the main picture of avatars. And many people like to have their own cartoons.

Do you need a cartoon avatar? We think you need some cartoon profile images you use on social media, blogs, websites and forums to be recognized. The images could be a cartoon face of yours.

Draw Cartoon Faces from Your Photo

cartoon face

cartoon face

Drawing cartoon faces is easy. You can learn but you have to take a lot of meticulous practice and patience. The drawing can literally take years of practice to get the process down right.

Turning your photo into a cartoon face avatar is one of the hottest trends throughout the social networking. It is easy to draw a cartoon me avatar for us but remember that we have to be sure to make a cartoon face look accurate and funny. It is not a difficult to turn a photo of yourself into a cartoon avatar.

Easy Cartoon Drawing of Cute Girl Face

cartoon girl

This a cute face of simple cartoon girl. Do you want to draw an easy cartoon girl? The best thing about girl cartoon faces is that there is no right or wrong girl character. Everyone can make the figure whatever he want it to be.

Happy Smiley Cartoon Faces – Lets be Happy!

It is about smiley faces, the cartoon characters enjoy life. Cartoon characters are a magnet drawing others in. They are pleasant to be around. Their lives are a reflection of laughing and happiness.

Where do you find happy smiley faces? You can find happiness anywhere if you are happy first. We know that everyone wants to be happy. People have experienced happiness at different times in their lives and knows what it feels like to be happy. It is like a cartoon face expression, an emotion to be strived for.

Basic of Drawing Cartoon Faces for Beginners

Drawing cartoon faces is similar to draw any object by pencil. But in cartoon, the artist should have a sense of humor or funny expression in the object character. Drawing cartoon characters can be achieved by a professional training program, though the drawing is a born quality. In a fact, the creativity can be also achieved by experiences. It means by often work on this field.

Beginners may go for a lessons session for brief guides for cartoon drawing art. They need learning about materials, the creative process, techniques and some simple tips. So, beginners can use the principle, techniques and tricks while drawing funny cartoons. They can start by follow and try to make a replica of the ready made cartoons. It is good idea to find the instructions in the Cartooning Kit for available along with the kit. It can be also downloaded form internet.

There is a quickest way to start drawing cartoon faces. It is a ready made kit for make cartoon drawings where all the drawing material and accessories are available. The drawing box may be a hard pack or inside a drawing cartoon software in computer. Beginners can learn from a tutorial or illustration guide book for drawing. It is a good idea to see a cartoon library that provides many ideas and option of making cartoon faces.


Cartoon Drawing is Really Getting Hot


There is a fact about cartoon drawing. It is not about funny figures being at the corner of the room and showing some creations to a close buddies. Cartoon drawing also can make someone famous and popular, and on the top it can give him money.
In many places people can look at they can see application of cartoon drawing. And every time and more usage areas are being opened for this drawing. As an example tattoo drawing of cartoon are really getting hot in some places. Even the body painters are using cartoon characters to add an extra dimension in their art work.

Cartoon Girl Face with Short Hair

This is cartoon face of a girl with short hairstyle. She has an oval face, cat eyes, and red lips.


Common Ways to Make Money from Cartoon Drawing

Cartoon drawing is an amazing art of our lives. This picture art is loved by all age groups from child to the old. If someone loves cartoon pictures, he may want to look for some ways to make money with his cartoons without having to do all the work himself.

There are some people who provide laser animation and use the cartoon as their medium. They get the artists and animators to draw cartoon characters, and their programmers to program the animation to laser, and then their cartoon animation project the finished results for their clients. They still get paid for working in cartoon world but they do not actually do all the work themselves.

We have known that there are so many ways to make money from cartooning. These are common ways to make money from creating cartoons.
- Sell Your Cartoon.
You can sell your own cartoon drawings or you can become an affiliate seller. Use some funny cartoon drawings and videos as well to make it even more attractive.

- Sell Your Greeting Cards
You can start designing and selling some greeting cards. You can create some greeting cards of celebration happening from to birthdays, to father's day, to Halloween, to Christmas and so on and on and you can make money selling cards.

- Sell Your Cartoon Advertising
Another area of cartoon business that you may want to consider is advertising. There are animation houses became very popular because they produced adverts.

- Using Newspapers
Most of people are looking for new content in their newspapers. Cartoons have always been used in contents of newspapers, both for kids and adults alike. People can do some work for free first to get started.


Face of Stress Office Man - Scared Cartoon Expression

cartoon face
This is a cartoon image of stress office man with scared face expression. His face expression tells about many problems in his head. Eyes, mouth and tongue are essential on cartoon face expressions.

Cute Cartoon Faces of Ant Animal Character

cartoon ant

This is an image of cute cartoon ant. This animal is cute but dangerous. Ants form colonies that range in size from a few dozen predatory animals living in small natural cavities to highly organized colonies which may occupy large territory areas and consist of millions of ants.

The image is an individual animal worker of cartoon ant. In the colonies of a few ant species, there are ranges of workers in distinct size classes, called minor, median, and major.

Spiderman Character – Cartoon Face of Superhero

Spiderman is a superhero cartoon character. He is a Marvel Comics superhero created by writer-artist Steve Ditko and writer-editor Stan Lee. He first appeared in 1962. Lee and Ditko gave Spiderman super strength and agility, the ability to cling to most surfaces and react to danger quickly with his "spider-sense". Peter Parker character is a shy guy who doesn’t talk much. But when he is Spiderman character he tells funny jokes.

Marvel has featured Spiderman in several comic books. The Spiderman comics are a great series to start reading for a super hero fan. The superhero is one of the most popular and commercially successful cartoons. His cartoon face has appeared in many forms of media, including several animated, television shows, newspaper and movies.

Funny Cartoon Characters are used in Public Media

Cartoon characters are used in public media. They convey a message to the people. Some funny cartoons make people laugh. They are commonly the funny stuff themselves. Cartoonists create funny characters based on funny instances around us. The cartoon characters act some uncommon activities that make people a laugh. The funny cartoon pictures are reflection some of realities in our life. There are some natural theme is shown what we hardly find in our days. The cartoonists have that sense to capture the snap and put on their artwork.

In general, funny cartoon faces are used in electronics media as well as in print media. Most of the news papers bring some fresh reality in the cartoon drawing of fresh reality. There are regular cartoonists for the news paper, create funny characters conveying political happenings or on any current issue happened today.

There are many funny cartoon characters around us. Funny cartoon drawings put on the posters and advertisements billed on the walls in city. Some magazines and books are illustrated with context oriented cartoon characters. Electronic media have a huge usage of funny cartoon pictures. Many cartoon animated or static images in banners and intro are used in websites. Some popular funny characters with different emotions are used in websites. How about games? In many games, we can see many types funny cartoons are design. And in mobile, we can see many funny cartoons for each function during operations.

There are many shapes about cartoons; Funny Cartoon Faces, Cartoon Animals, Funny characters are the real resources of making of cartoon characters. Every cartoonist has a favorite type or style of making cartoon drawings.

Cool Cartoon Characters of Watchmen

Watchmen cartoon faces are superhero characters in comic book limited series. It was created by artist Dave Gibbons, writer Alan Moore, and colorist John Higgins. The comic face was published by DC Comics during 1986 and 1987. This cartoon has been subsequently reprinted in collected form.
The cool cartoon characters originated from a story proposal Moore submitted to DC featuring superhero that the company had acquired from Charlton Comics.

Simple Cute Face of Cartoon Little Bird

cartoon face

Cute cartoon face of a little bird is very easy to draw. This cartoon face was made from simple lines. A little bird is one of cute objects that easy to draw in cartoon.