Angry Horse - Animal Cartoon Face

Horse cartoon, this animal plays a role within human cultures and has done so for millennium. It’s used for leisure activities, sports, and working purposes. Can you see its wings? It’s like a cute Pegasus, the symbol of wisdom in cartoon. (CartoonFaces.Net)

Funny Face of Cartoon Lion - Says Hi...

This lion is very happy, wants to say "Hi..." to everybody. It's one of our favorite animals, the wildest of cats but the cutest of cartoon animals. In cartoons, we can see the lion in happiness, sadness and other expression. (

Cute Cartoon Face Sketches

cartoon face sketches

Cartoon sketches are considered to be a great form of art that cartoonists use not only to express their creative ideas, but also to address some serious issues with a lighter outlook. There is a fact that children are usually swept in their own world dominated by their favorite cartoons. They are spinning their own story lines. It is known the fact that some kids and adults like to create the sketches of cartoon faces. The drawings which are sketched are often derived from some sort of aspiration and motivation.
cartoon sketches

Generally, basic cartoon sketches are very easy but it is not as easy as it seems to be. You have to practice a lot for getting the best drawing results. And many times it may take hours to create some cartoon characters.